November 17-30 Abdiel's last engagement of the year is his participation as assistant conductor to maestro Guido Maria Guida and rehearsal pianist in Nuevo Leon Opera's production of Gounod's Romeo et Juliette. The performances featured Operalia winners Maria Katzarava and Sebastien Gueze in the main roles.

Conducting a rehearsal from the pit

November 13 Abdiel plays Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue with the Baja California Orchestra  and its chief conductor Eduardo Garcia Barrios in a benefit concert.


The press pointed out how Abdiel thanked with his hand in his heart the unending ovation of the audience.

Performing Rhapsody in Blue

October 21 Rave reviews pour from the press after Abdiel's concert at the International Cervantino Festival. 


One of them headlines "Pianist conquers the Cervantino".


Another one also states in its headline that "Abdiel conquers the Festival", adding that his performance was "impeccable", with a "sober style and full of energy".


And a third one mentions Abdiel's birthday (October 9) been celebrated with a "masterful interpretation" of Castro's concerto.


A day after his concert, Abdiel,  a former engineering student himself, gives a motivational speech to the engineering students of the Universidad Politecnica Bicentenaria.

Abdiel 'conquered' the Cervantino Festival
With the engineering students of the University.

October 20 Last year Abdiel made his recital debut in Latin America's most important artistic and cultural event: the International Cervantino Festival. Right after his recital, the fesitval's director, Jorge Volpi, asked him to come back next year to perform an hommage concert for Ricardo Castro, the first Mexican concert pianist, born in 1864.


Today the concert takes place in the emblematic Teatro Juarez with the Nuevo Leon Symphony Orchestra and maestro Jesus Medina.


Just like four days ago in Monterrey, the applause from the audience brings Abdiel back to the stage to perform three encores: Tchaikovsky's October, Castro's Vals Caprice, and Ponce's Intermezzo.

The historic Teatro Juarez in Guanajuato, Mexico
A banner with Abdiel's picture in the press room of the Festival.

October 16 After four years of abscence, Abdiel returns to his hometown Monterrey to perform Ricardo Castro's Piano Concerto as soloist with the Nuevo Leon Symphony Orchestra and maestro Jesus Medina. This was the first piano concerto written in Latin America.


The applause is so long that Abdiel comes back to perform three encores that night.


The press calls the performance an "outstanding comeback" in its headline, adding that "his musicality is admirable, as well as his dexterity with a touch of theatricality. He achieved what few can: to bring out atmospheres and sonorities from a usually underrated score."

September 18 The non-profit organization FaithAction International House, which advocates for thousands of immigrants in the community of Greensboro, North Caroliana, holds an annual fundraiser gala with a performance by various incredibly talented local artists. Abdiel is honored to be invited to participate as a guest artist in the 2014 fundraiser. 

"A place for us" was the unifying theme of the gala.

August 19 Abdiel performs Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Chihuahua in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico, with mtro. Armando Pesqueira at the podium.


The press writes that the "masterful concerto captivated everyone present."

Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2
Philharmonic Orchestra of Chihuahua

August 17 A fun and strange thing happened during Abdiel's performance of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 witht the Philharmonic Orchestra of Chihuahua in the city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: the power went off and the whole hall was left in the dark. This happened during the orchestral fugue of the third movement, so the performance was forced to stop.

The lights never came back on and the concert had to be cancelled, but not before Abdiel played a couple of encores for the audience in the dark.


The incident didn't seem to matter much to the audience and press members. "It was a gift to our senses" headlined one article


Another article headlined an "unforgettable evening".


A third article said that before the power went off Abdiel had "captivated the audience with his virtuosity and sensitivity."

"Abdiel captivated the audience with his virtuosity and sensitivity"
"It was a gift to our senses"

June 28 Besides being an active concert pianist and a vocal coach, Abdiel also co-founded and runs the music teachers agency in New York Little Chopins. Abdiel's partner is also his future wife, Elena Smirnova.


Together they organized the first ever Little Chopins year-end recital at Hunter College in Manhattan, which was a great success with parents, students, and teachers.


Abdiel also got to perform with some of the students!

Together with all the little Chopins!
About to perform 'Part of this world' from The Little Mermaid, with little Lucy

June 20 In his last concert of the spring season, Abdiel performs once again Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 4 to close the season and the Rachmaninoff Concerti cycle of the Symphony Orchestra of the State of Michoacan in the city of Morelia. The conductor that evening was the orchestra's artistic director Miguel Salmon del Real.

Post-concert TV interview
Rachmaninoff's 4th - not an easy piece
Teatro Ocampo in Morelia

June 17 Mexican newspaper Reforma features in the front page of its Culture section the forecasts of four Mexican artists for that afternoon's soccer World Cup game between Mexico and the host Brazil.


Abdiel's forecast was not so far after all - they ended up tying 0-0.

Abdiel's forecast: Mexico 2-2 Brazil

June 13 Mexico's main music critic, Lazaro Azar, publishes his review of the Mexican premier of Samuel Barber's Piano Concerto in the newspaper Reforma.


He closes the article by saying: "in Abdiel we have the greatest Mexican pianist, ever."

Talking about Abdiel and international Mexican superstar tenor Javier Camarena, Lazaro says "what an exemplary pair"

June 9-13 Abdiel offers a workshop for singers in Mexico City.


There were 12 singers and 2 pianists, which received individual coachings from Abdiel in style, interpretation, language, and other practical career advice like repertoire choosing, competitions, auditions, and management.


In addition, Abdiel invited some friends to have some group conversations with the participants: Lazaro Azar (main music critic at newspaper Reforma), Alida Pinon (cultural journalist at newspaper El Universal), Jose Maria Alvarez (artist manager), Karla Sarmiento (artist manager and public relations professional), and Jesus Suaste (renowned Mexican baritone).

An enthusiastic group of young artists!
Working Faure's "Apres un reve"
With Alida Pinon, Lazaro Azar, and Jose Maria Alvarez after their talks.

June 7 and 8 A historic day in Mexico: Samuel Barber's Piano Concerto is played for the first time in the country, almost 52 years after it was played for the first time in New York City.


The performance took place in Mexico City's Sala Nezahualcoyotol with Abdiel Vazquez at the piano, guest conductor Carlos Miguel Prieto at the podium, and the Philharmonic Orchestra of UNAM.


The performance and the encores can be seen in videos.

With manager Jose Maria Alvarez and Mo. Carlos Miguel Prieto after the second performance
Thanking the audience together after the historic first performance.

June 7 Two of the main newspapers in Mexico feature Abdiel Vazquez' upcoming Mexican premier of Samuel Barber's Piano Concerto, including a front page in the Culture section of Reforma.


The article from El Universal can be read here.

Right column header: Abdiel Vazquez faces Barber's premier
Rehearsing with Mo. Carlos Miguel Prieto

May 18 Abdiel is called on short notice to perform Manuel M. Ponce's Piano Concerto with the Eduardo Mata University Youth Orchestra at Sala Nezahualcoyotl in Mexico City. Guest conductor that evening was Gustavo Rivero Weber. 


The performance plus the two encores can be watched in videos.

With Mo. Gustavo Rivero Weber after the performance

April 6 and 7 Enthusiastic reviews pour in from the press after Abdiel's performances of Rachmaninoff's 4th Piano Concerto, which had never before been played in Merida.


One reviewer calls Abdiel "a humble man of an incredible virtuosism... Bravo Abdiel! We have cheered your performance of Rachmaninoff and we hope to listen to you again."


Another one writes: "Inarguably and unobjectably, this pianist is an extraordinary performer and interpreter." 


And a third one: "... as a result, we had an intense and colorful performance, one of those that stay trapped in our memories."

Headline: Abdiel Vazquez's virtuosism in Rachmaninoff's 4th Concerto
Rachmaninoff in the hands of Abdiel Vazquez and the OSY
Intensity from Monterrey

April 3, 4, and 6 Abdiel performs Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 4 with the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra under its chief conductor Juan Carlos Lomonaco.


The performance of April 4 can be watched in videos.

Thanking Merida's warm audience
Rachmaninoff's 4th, one of the underplayed masterpieces of the piano concerto repertoire
After finishing the performance with Mo. Lomonaco

April 3 In the city of Merida, the week of Abdiel's performances as a soloist with the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra, Abdiel is featured in a newspaper article headlined "Searching for excellence every day".

"Music is not a secret, it's a habit, it's working and searching for excellence every day."

March 30 Abdiel performs for the first time Rachmaninoff's 4th Piano Concerto in the city of Guadalajara in what was also his first time performing with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Jalisco (Orquesta Filarmonica de Jalisco), the oldest philharmonic orchestra in Mexico. The venue was the famous Teatro Degollado. The guest conductor was Christoph Poppen.


A music critic in the local newspaper El Informador writes that Abdiel's performance "couldn't have been any better".

With Mo. Christoph Poppen after finishing the concert
Thanking the audience at a packed Degollado Theater
Concert was broadcast on TV. Here playing Liszt's Rigoletto Paraphrase as an encore

March 1 Mexican international airline Interjet features Abdiel in it's March edition of their in-flight magazine, in a great article written by Hugo Roca.

Abdiel Vazquez: above everything else, you will play

February 10, 19, and 24 Abdiel embarks on his first commercial recording project: transcriptions of Wagner and Verdi operas. The recording sessions take place at Greenfield Hall at Manhattan School of Music in New York City, with Kevin Boutote as a recording enngineer.

The program is the same as the one presented in the International Cervantino Festival in October 2013: transcriptions by Liszt, Tausig, Martucci, Cziffra, and Vazquez himself.

The CD is projected to be released at the end of 2014.


Recording Abdiel's own paraphrase on Wagner's Meistersinger
Greenfield Hall at Manhattan School of Music
The recording cabin

February 1 Abdiel performs at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall again. This time he is accompanying a young 13-year-old singer from his hometown Monterrey, Miguel Angel Reynosa, in the finals of the Forte International Music Competition.

Miguel won the first prize not only of his age category, but of all the categories in the competition!

Miguel Angel Reynosa holding his trophies and medal


December 16

Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue

Pianist and conductor - Abdiel Vazquez

Youth Orchestra of the Monterrey Conservatory

Auditorio Luis Elizondo

Monterrey, Mexico


January 6

Recital with tenor Clay Hilley

Works by Mahler, Janacek, Mozart, Dvorak, and Wagner.

Wagner Society of New York.

New York, NY


Recent activity


November 2

Solo recital - works by Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Martucci and Cziffra

Fete de Morts a Paris

Maison du Mexique

Paris, France


October 26

Solo recital - works by Chopin and Manuel M. Ponce

Fete de Morts a Paris

Eglise de St. Merry

Paris, France


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